Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Hello

Hey guess who ? finally sat her butt down to write you a letter....Isn't this modern technology wonderful??? So easy; yet it still takes forever to get motivated anymore these days. I am thinking old age is to blame though.

Since retiring I sure have become slow and not so excited to keep this house clean all the time and cook? well I still love to do that, but my problem seems to be cooking for that is a real challenge so I always have left-overs to deal with or eat the same thing for 2-3 days in a row...oh I know "poor me" there are mouths that never know when or where their next meal will come from.
No matter how hard I try though I always cook enough for at least two, and sometimes I eat it all...sssshhhh

Also since getting into my senior years I have found it is much more difficult to do many things to help keep my weight under control (though that has always been a problem) walking is tough, biking is out of the question, swimming? not sure the public is ready to see me in a swim suit, exercise machines just aren't in my budget, though I do have a routine that I use 3 lb. weights to try and keep my heart pumping as much as I can. That counts , doesn't it?

Anymore the thought of carrying the laundry basket to the laundry room tires me out, bringing in wood to help keep me warm is exhausting, then after I do build the fire , sit in my recliner to watch a few cooking programs I just fall asleep only to wake up about the time I should be going down for the night, so I go to the computer to see if anyone else is up, if any of my Facebook games need my attention, check u-tube, look at and organize my photographs, or work on one of two novels I am believing I can finish in this lifetime. Sometimes I even do the dishes I left for the next day and fold the clothes that have sat in the dryer all day, because I can always fold then tomorrow, what is the hurry?
The only hurry is if I need one of my worn out bra's or some underwear, seems my bladder has a leak somewhere, sometimes. Maybe though it is getting as lazy as I am, but I will not go see a doctor and take anymore pills, to heck with it.

Christmas was a blast this year, a boring lonely one. No family around, just had dinner with some dear friends and it was fun, but not the same. I visited mom of course,we had our usual three hours together, then nap time and she was out, off into her world, I wonder what that is like?I am sure she is communicating with her angels and waiting for her turn to go HOME finally..."There is no place like Home" I try very hard to make her days happy and fun, but truly ? don't feel very successful. The quality of her life seems so un-fulfilling, but then who am I to say? She receives Holy Communion, and we pray together, I read her poems and bring her up to date on the news,news about the family , her great,great grandchildren, the weather and what I am doing for the day...

Then there are the evenings I have some wine, boy does that taste good to me. A far call from the way I used to drink, smoke , or have fun in bed...ssshhh... still think about sex, Maybe because it never was what I thought it should be, or maybe I wasn't what I should have been...oh well who cares anymore about that? I do... shame on me...( this wine seems stronger then usual).

Life sure can travel many different speeds, can't it?..I remember when we fought over our first love...and argued about who kissed him first, there were so many wonderful times I just cannot at this point begin to sort them out,but I intend to write them down as I re-call many years and so many heartaches we have endured, but our friendship has weathered all the storms...We have been friends since we were in 6 th grade,I don't want to think that far back, but let's see it has been I am guessing 58 years now. So 71 minus 58 equals 13. We were 13 when we met, do correct me if I am wrong, you know how OLD minds remember things...Ha Ha :O)

Anyway I hope this finds you well, sassy and still in love with that man you married, oh yes is he doing? One thing I want you to know "...I often think of you...and hope you feel it" God be with you...Love always and forever...Your old friend

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