Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Brand New Day

"...Oh what a beautiful morning...Oh what a beautiful day...I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way "
The words to the song rang through Georgia's mind as Bruce gently kissed her lips to wake her up so he could leave for work. They had spent one of too few evenings together in Glorious Love making, after dinner and some wine a few dances...all in their candle lit Livingroom.

Her head pounded and her mouth was a bit dry, why had she drank so much wine? But it was worth every minute she may suffer this morning.

Bruce had quietly rolled out of bed, and made the coffee and got his lunch ready, so she could catch a few extra minutes of sleep before the twins woke up and her day began. He was so proud of his two little Princess's, Candie and Ali and the fact that He fathered them, he was good ! ! ...Wow he didn't know he had it in him and after last night, he kinda was reminded.

The girls were now seven and into Dinosaur's and loved to watch 'The Land Before Time'... you know with Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie. Who were always on a wonderful adventure and the girls knew it by heart, every move, every saying , so he sat them in the frontroom , placed the tape in, they each had their own 'blankie' as he reminded Georgia it was "Time to start her day and he needed to go; as not to be late, duty calls". Bruce told her he would call her once in the office.

The phone rang at the same time she heard the screams of the girls, loud and clear, she grabbed the phone and in her barefeet was running towards their screeching voices "Yes ! ! I am up dear, thank you for a wonderful evening, but I gotta go now !" "What's going on?" Bruce questions her. She answers " I am on way to find out, the girls are outside"
"What ? Did you go back to sleep? You did didn't you and left my princess's alone all this time"? "Shame on you, now call me, when you find out what they are screaming about, and please don't make me sit here worrying" "Do you hear me"? "Yes, I hear you dear, now let me go"

As she makes her way through the Cheerio's kitchen, the spilled milk, the toast on the floor and the dog barking, along with the girls screaming she wondered how she would tell Bruce she was pregnant again?

It seems the two Princess's, Candi and Ali had decided to not only get breakfast for themselves, but they were going on a 'Big Adventure' of their own, digging in the mud puddle formed by the waterhose left running. Making mudpies, that had worms crawling in and out of, and mud masks for their dollies as well as the cat. They too were looking like a couple of magpies and screaming at the top of their lungs. Georgia hollered "What , what is wrong, what is it, are you hurt?"

As she stepped into the cold mushy mud and it oozed between her toes she saw the snake crawling beside them and she grabbed the small tree branch that was laying there and quickly scooped the snake and tossed it as far as she could, and about that time lost her balance and joined her two girls in the mud. "Damn it" she yelled. Candie told her "Mommie you have to put a quarter in the jar now for cussing !" as Ali chimed in with "We're going to tell daddy" "Go ahead, just go ahead" Georgia yelled.

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